Will education ever be agile? Highlights from CourseTune on Rod’s Pulse Podcast
By Diane Weaver
June 2, 2018

Recently Coursetune Inc. CEO, Dr. Maria Andersen was a guest on Rod’s Pulse Podcast. In this interview, she recounts why CourseTune was created and some of our favorite customer “aha” moments. For instance, the first time instructional designers see CourseTune, we often hear, “I didn’t know what visualizing a course would look like, but now that I see it, it’s exactly what is happening in my head.”

Maria also addresses the important question we should be asking ourselves in education, “Will education ever be agile?” Not just one highly innovative university unicorn, but as part of each institution’s culture across North America, across the globe. 

“All this time and effort goes into the initial build of a course, program, or even OER materials. And then there’s nothing that follows up that initial build in terms of financial or people support to have it go through iterations of improvement. People ask, “Will education ever be agile?” I think the place for education to be agile is at the moment it starts to interact with students because we start to see what’s working and what’s not working.” Maria explains, “We start to get ideas about what could be better in a way that you could never see in the initial build….We want to be able to capture those moments and those ideas while the curriculum is being delivered.”

Listen to the full podcast here and tell us what you think about it here.

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