Use Your HEERF to Fund Better Student Outcomes
By coursetune Team
October 28, 2021
Online Class Technology

Barbara Williamson-Holly QuoteHEERF can be used to fund technology costs associated with a transition to distance education in addition to faculty and staff training. You can use this funding to prepare for the future by training faculty to design a better curriculum, to design for new formats, and to use software to organize and map curriculum to student outcomes. 

Coursetune’s patented visual mapping tool is a one-stop shop for all your training, planning, curriculum mapping, and alignment needs. 

Whether you are preparing for accreditation or revising assessments to align them with workplace or professional outcomes. Coursetune gives you an elegant visual tool for it all. 

With features like variations, which allow you to create new courses from a base course to accommodate new modalities or session durations, Coursetune is an even more compelling solution to help increase institutional effectiveness. 

Get proactive with continuous improvement using our diverse set of reports. They’ll help you create a living curriculum that doesn’t collect dust in a binder on a shelf. 

Reach out today to set up a demo and see how we can help you solve the challenge of improving student outcomes with Coursetune. You might be surprised at all the benefits our clients have uncovered in using Coursetune. 

Quote from Andrew FeldsteinThe HEERF includes “Defraying expenses associated with coronavirus (including lost revenue, reimbursement for expenses already incurred, technology costs associated with a transition to distance education, faculty and staff training, and payroll)”

You can find more specific answers to questions about HEERF in two Department of Education FAQ sheets: 

  1. CRRSAA HEERF II Section 314(a)(1) Frequently Asked Questions 
  2. CRRSAA HEERF II Section 314(a)(4) Frequently Asked Questions 
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