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Webinars and Workshops 2021

Very Vocabularic! Bringing Language Teaching Insights to Information-Dense Course Design


Learn how a language teacher designs courses with tons of vocabulary to be learned and then apply these techniques to other information-dense disciplines. Marsh is a teacher and researcher of the German language, specializing in language pedagogy, second language acquisition, and critical applied linguistics.

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Sara Marsh

University of Waterloo

Building from Basics: Foundational Knowledge Course Design

March 12, 12 PM ET

Get practical advice about course structure and content for courses that teach foundational knowledge from someone that has designed dozens of them, in multiple subject areas, for multiple institutions. Learn to balance course objectives with engaging material. Erin Czerwinski is an experienced curriculum developer and learning engineer. Erin currently works as the Manager, Learning Engineering and TEL Product for Carnegie Mellon University’s Simon Initiative and Open Learning Initiative.


Erin Czerwinski

Carnegie Mellon University

Thinking Like a Lawyer: Practical Strategies Seamlessly Integrating Critical Thinking into Digital Learning through Social Justice

April 2, 12pm ET

Closing the critical thinking gap in education has never been more important. Join math teacher-turned-attorney Colin Seale, the Founder and CEO of thinkLaw and author of Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students, for an interactive workshop that will give you powerful, but practical skills to incorporate critical thinking into digital learning by giving learners experiences to help them lead, innovate, and break the things that must be broken.

Headshot Colin

Colin Seale


Making Objectives Work: Workforce Application Course Design

May 7, 12pm ET

Drawing on her experience building training for corporate professionals, Julie will discuss the course design best practices for building workforce skill courses in academia. Julie is a swiss-army knife of education knowledge and skills and author of Design for How People Learn.

Julie Dirksen

Julie Dirksen