Unexpected Positive Impact: Clients Share the Benefits and ROI of Using Coursetune
By coursetune Team
March 26, 2021
Unexpected Positive Impact: Clients Share the Benefits and ROI of Using CourseTune

You’re sitting in a committee meeting, and someone suggests a new technology implementation. Collective groans and sighs erupt from the crowd suggesting a history of challenges, false starts, and unfulfilled promises; what seemed like a really valuable tool turned out to be a waste of precious (and ALWAYS limited) time and money. 

We know this pain; many of the people on our team have worked within institutions and experienced this firsthand. We value transparency, trust, and collaboration from the first time you meet with us and on into the years of your continuous improvement or new program designs. 

It can be a challenge explaining the return on investment with technology, specifically one that solves problems most teams have never gotten to solve together. Instructional design, curriculum mapping, assessment design, and outcomes mapping typically happen in silos, behind closed doors, with experts toiling away on spreadsheets and documents. 

Coursetune brings the entire process into one elegantly designed visual interface so that everyone can see the impact their efforts are making. Below you will find information on the variety of returns that clients found by investing in Coursetune as their curriculum planning, designing, mapping, and continuous improvement tool. 

You’ll learn that Coursetune:

Coursetune saves you time and moneyCoursetune saves you time and money.

When you purchase a license to Coursetune, you get more than access to a patented curriculum mapping tool. We are with you the whole journey as guides in live chat support (Monday-Friday), frequent onboarding check-ins and training, and ongoing monthly training or check-ins throughout the year. We customize training to the goals and needs of the team. We also include LMS integrations and API / LTI integrations into any system so that institutions can use the powerful database in CourseTtune across all effectiveness projects. 

We take the initial data loading process off your plate and help accelerate your journey, so you can focus on finding gaps and continuous improvement. This process is of critical importance because it includes a review of your current documentation by Coursetune’s data importing team, analysis in Coursetune, and recommendations on where to go next. Once the curriculum is in Coursetune, clients find that it saves them time and money by having everything in one dynamic, visual place.

What do our customers have to say about saving time and money?

“Spending 10 hours in Coursetune saves you 10 weeks down the road.”

Andrew Feldstein, Assistant Provost for Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies, Fort Hays State University

See Andrew and others talk about what they were looking for before they found Coursetune.

“At a university where the institution is focusing on success and retention, it is very important to use instructional tools, such as Coursetune, when planning a fully online course to map out student engagement and to ensure that it plays the role that it needs to play in order for students to have a higher probability of being successful or successfully completing a course.”

Barbara Williamson-Holley, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology and Distance Education, South Carolina State University

“Without the Coursetune visual interface, we would be stuck. There’s no way we could build this visual for them (faculty and staff) without Coursetune. It’s saving a ton of time and energy.”

Amy Schneider, Instructional Technologist, Ozarks Technical Community College

Read OTC’s success story.

“The Coursetune interface is much more user friendly than Atlas and we liked the option to choose the grid or circle view. Coursetune uploads curriculum for us while Atlas would not do that for us.”

David Long, Assistant Head of School For Academics, The Galloway School

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Coursetune encourages your team to collaborate and innovate.

Promoting Collaboration and Innovation No one person designs an entire program in higher education or grade-level in K12 by themselves (if you happen to be a person who has, aren’t you glad you found CourseTune!). Teams of all shapes and sizes need the ability to communicate with each other in the same place that the work is happening. CourseTune makes even remote collaboration more flexible with asynchronous chat, task lists, and CoursePulse, which tracks a history of changes. Never wonder again, ‘Who moved my course?’ One of the benefits that clients are delighted by is the number of transformative conversations that emerge from doing this work in CoureTune. Because it’s a visual tool, it allows you to see your curriculum in a whole new way- providing opportunities for new conversations and innovation. No one person designs an entire program in higher education or grade-level in K12 by themselves (if you happen to be a person who has, aren’t you glad you found Coursetune!). Teams of all shapes and sizes need to communicate in the same place that work is happening. 

Coursetune makes even remote collaboration more flexible with asynchronous chat, task lists, and CoursePulse, which tracks a history of changes. Never wonder again, ‘Who moved my course?’ 

One of the benefits that clients are delighted by is the number of transformative conversations that emerge from doing this work in CoureTune. Because it’s a visual tool, it allows you to see your curriculum in a whole new way- providing opportunities for new conversations and innovation. 

A few of our customers share how Coursetune builds a culture of collaboration and innovation:

“We have all of these improvements we’re able to do, but now we have confidence behind it. We are able to speak much more deliberately about why these changes are necessary, which really helps us in terms of then selling that story to our faculty.”

Dr. Mel Williams, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Colorado Technical University

Watch the CTU Coursetune Camp 2020 presentation.

“The team was engaged in the building process in a way that I hadn’t seen before. I really feel like it was because they were so involved with Coursetune.”

Debora M. Dole, Ph.D., CNM, FACNM, Associate Professor and, the department’s Vice-Chair,

Georgetown University

Read the Nursing Program story.

“Another thing we’re really proud of is that there was collaboration amongst all the program chairs and Ashley and our other instructional designer and our CIO. It was not done as silos. We were collaborating here and the chairs were the ones that were really looking at the alignment within their own programs. I think that’s very impactful.”

Amanda Lattin, Professor, Aromatherapy Program Chair, American College of Health Sciences

Read ACHS’s Guest Post.

See their Coursetune Camp 2020 presentation.

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Coursetune impacts faculty engagement and student-outcomes-focused teaching.

CourseTune impacts faculty engagement and teaching.Can using a curriculum mapping tool change the way you teach? Like finding the perfect fit of glasses that bring new clarity to your already powerful vision, faculty say they see their courses in a whole new way in Coursetune. Like working alongside an instructional designer, Coursetune gently nudges faculty toward a student outcome focus.  It helps them create engaging, well-directed, quality teaching through the design layers and assessment design tools. Instructors can answer: What will students learn? When will students learn it? How will they learn it? Why will they learn it?

The result? 

Coursetune will help you create competency-based courses with thoughtful assessments that produce courses aligned to institutional and professional goals AND align students towards success with transparency, consistency, and goal-directed learning. Teachers get a renewed sense of life in their course design and teaching. We all win when learning is aligned.

What do our customers say about faculty engagement?

“This is a place where what faculty value can be highlighted. As faculty members, It allows us to tell a broader story about why we do what we do.”

Daniel T. Kline, PhD, Director of General Education, University of Alaska Anchorage

Watch Daniel and others speak about the Pivot 2020 using Coursetune.

“If we didn’t have Coursetune, we wouldn’t have space for faculty to take time to share best practices with each other. To talk through how courses relate across the program. To make connections from course-to-course has been a mind-blowing experience for them.”

Jacque Harris, Instructional Technologist, Ozarks Technical Community College

Watch OTC’s Coursetune Camp 2018 presentation.

“Coursetune was so great because it helped me to align what I knew I wanted my students to achieve to the activities that I gave them. I see that my courses have improved. I mean, exponentially from where I started.”

Michele Pistone, Law professor, Villanova University

Watch Michele and her student, Erinn, present oWatch Michele and her student, Erinn, present on this at Coursetune Camp 2020.

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Coursetune promotes quality assessment and instructional design.CourseTune promotes quality assessment and instructional design.

What are student’s learning? How are they learning it? Why are they learning it?

Coursetune’s patented visual design grew from the founding team’s experiences and struggles. They worked in education and saw problems they could fix. They built an evidence-based tool that made alignment visible and actionable for teams. By leveraging the best instructional design practices and making tools that facilitate quality learning, we make it easy to feel confident in your curriculum—from the assessments, learning objectives, course goals, program outcomes, and institutional values. 

Coursetune transforms flat documents into 3D models of learning design, assessment alignment, and benchmark mapping. 

See what our customers have to say about Coursetune’s impact on assessment and instructional design:

“One of the items that stood out to me about Coursetune was the ability to insert information from an institutional, program and departmental level. It has never been thought about at our university, the importance of alignment with goals and outcomes outside of the course.”

Barbara Williamson- Holley, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology and Distance Education, South Carolina State University

Watch Barbara and others speak about this transformation.

“Coursetune promotes academic excellence because it allows faculty to view their course from a new perspective to help identify areas of continuous improvement through understanding alignment across course objectives, program objectives, school objectives, outcomes, and university priorities.”

Dr. Justin W. Marquis, Director of Instructional Design, Gonzaga University

“Coursetune gives me that framework that I can hang everything on. I can take those Quality Matters directives and I can populate my Coursetune model, and I can see it at a glance. Coursetune allows me to develop a very clear design structure that I can then implement my course on. It doesn’t do my course for me. It gives me room to breathe.”

Grant Kirby, Program Director, Oregon Institute of Technology

Read about the partnership between Quality Matters and Coursetune.

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Coursetune enables powerful project and user management

CourseTune enables powerful project and user managementCurriculum design has stages and processes. If it’s if done in a continuous improvement model, it’s never really done. And that’s a good thing! 

We help administrators create structure, manage the process, and keep all the progress moving. Coursetune provides a suite of tools that support Curriculum Managers, Directors of Learning, or Assessment teams. All the tools are there – from dynamic user permissions and roles that change to indicate progress in the curriculum lifecycle to creating task lists and tracking changes. Coursetune’s flexible and powerful tools for organization and user management align with whatever process you use. No matter what stage you are in for curriculum planning, designing, and mapping, we have you covered. 

Some of our customers discuss their project and process success:

“It enables us to kind of come to the same table, to dialogue and have an understanding–a very apparent and visualized understanding– of what everybody else is doing.”

Doug Owen, Associate Professor of Music, University of Tennessee Martin

Read UT Martin’s Story.

“Coursetune has really streamlined the process for us. Prior to Coursetune, we did everything through Google spreadsheets, Google document, and also email.  Version control was a real problem before.”

Erasmus Addae, Associate Vice President of Distance Education, Office of Distance & Alternative Education, Austin Community College

Watch Erasmus discuss the before and after Coursetune.

“It truly helped prioritize how we wanted to get where we were going and do so in a way where we didn’t need to wait to the end of any degree program in order to know where and how to go. That was the real value add from Coursetune.”

Dr. Niccole Kopit, University Dean, College of Business and Management, Colorado Technical University

Watch CTU’s Coursetune Camp 2020 Presentation.

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Coursetune kindles joyful and fun experiences. 

CourseTune kindles joyful and fun Experiences. Last but not least, Coursetune clients express joy and fun in building, organizing, and aligning. “This is so fun!” is a frequent expression we hear. The same simple pleasures of sorting coins or organizing a messy desk into a beautiful, functional state are evoked when working in Coursetune. Instructional designers love the ability to make their work visual and streamline their process. We hear joyful expressions from faculty members working on their own course after the first import and getting to see it as a visual design. The joy they feel is very similar to what Marie Kondo describes in clearing away clutter—and it makes room for innovation. Editing and building are fun experiences because a harmonized curriculum just feels good. It *might* just change your life.

A few of our customers share their joyful and fin experiences:

“It was retraining my brain to think differently– I was like ‘why did I write that as a course outcome? I didn’t have any learning objectives that matched with it!’  and so, I could see the mind of the student why there was a disconnect with some of the things I was asking them to do because I didn’t have appropriate learning objectives to match up with that competency. It’s a fun new way to think.”

Colleen M. Culley, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics,University of Pittsburgh

Read her full story.

“Coursetune is the single greatest piece of software invented in the last 20 years. I told Maria like a year ago that I, if they ever do a commercial, like I will be the face of the product. Like I love it that much.”

David Dannenberg, Director Teaching, Learning, Library, Lincoln University New Zealand

“Coursetune provided me with the framework that I needed. I really don’t think I would have been able to accomplish what I did had I not been introduced to this product because it liberated me from a mindset and a way of thinking about education. It helped me to visualize how you can design a course. I mean, it was life changing.”

Michele Pistone, Professor of Law, Villanova University

Watch her Coursetune Camp 2020 presentation.

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