If you have ever wondered why CourseTune focuses on words describing learning in the visual graphs instead of a numbering system, here is the answer.

A couple years back, Coursetune Inc. cofounder and CEO, Dr. Maria Andersen crafted the blog post, “To Focus on Learning, Use Words, Not Section Numbers.” It all comes down to how we learn the vocabulary specific to our areas of study and the vocabulary of our industry.

“The reality is that if we want students to actually learn the vocabulary of our subject area, they have to encounter the vocabulary as often as possible. They have to read the vocabulary like they will see it in context, and do that as much as possible. This repeated encounter helps them to begin to see the contrast between important differences.”

Focusing your instructional design and student-facing course documents on industry vocabulary and learning objectives produces a higher-quality design and a higher-quality experience for your students. Read about the specific impact and see examples in the full blog post here.