Teaching and Learning Webinar Series
By Kristin Powers
March 20, 2020

Teaching and Learning Webinar Series for Educators

Nearly all of the schools we serve are utilizing remote learning for the remainder of the semester. As educators, we feel for you in this unprecedented time. To help out, we’re digging into our toolboxes and sharing on topics that have helped us teach remotely.

Recommended Sessions:

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Information Overload: Strategies for getting organized

The role of the instructor changed fairly rapidly this year – we have quickly become the facilitators of learning, however that learning takes place. To meet learning needs, we communicate by email, text, LMS, and phone. We assign online homework, manage discussion boards, teach through virtual meetings, and build courses in learning management systems. 

All this “going digital” can be a bit overwhelming. How do you manage the mountain of digital communication? How do you keep track of your links, files, and website materials? How do you go about organizing and sifting through the vast array of resources on the Internet and turning them into an easy‐to‐use and coherent set of learning materials for the teaching? 

Discussion Boards: Creating Meaningful Dialog

Discussion boards have been utilized for online learning for decades, but are we using them as effectively and efficiently as we can?  Do you worry that your discussion boards feel more like busywork than a community of learning? You might notice that students are just going through the motions: posting questions and completing tasks for points.

In this on-demand learning session, you’ll learn best practices for creating engaging discussion board assignments and inspiring a more dynamic and meaningful online learning experiences. We’ll also go over best practices for creating rubrics and grading your discussion board assignments based on what they are learning.

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Best Practices for Remote Teaching with Dr. Maria Andersen

Suppose you (hypothetically, haha) suddenly have to teach from home for several weeks. Or rather, several students are suddenly quarantined at home and cannot attend class. Shifting to remote teaching can be easier with the tips you’ll learn in this session. In fact, you might even find that teaching remotely has some pedagogies that are near impossible to adopt in a face-to-face classroom. Our CEO, Maria Andersen, has been using remote teaching and synchronous online teaching for a decade, and will share some tips and best practices for making your remote classes run smoothly.

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