Teaching Aligns Learning with CoursePlan
By coursetune Team
August 1, 2020
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“This is a place where, what faculty value can be highlighted. It allows us to tell a broader story about why what we do in our course matters,” Daniel Kline, Director of General Education, University of Alaska Anchorage

How do you balance the needs of learners with the academic freedom of educators? Whether you are teaching in K-12, higher education, or corporate learning, the ability to be authentic in your teaching style is important. This is one of the reasons CoursePlan was designed, to easily communicate the structure and alignment of the course, without limiting your academic freedom.

Teaching and Learning

“The system was so helpful in allowing me to visualize the connection between the goals and the activities that I was assigning to students. I had the support of this technology that really responded to the needs that I wanted,” Michele Pistone, Professor of Law, Villanova University

We interviewed one of our champions of quality learning, Michele Pistone, about how she changed her mindset about teaching and learning. Michele says:

I think course design had a really significant impact in how I think about teaching and learning. For years as a teacher, I really approached teaching just from the teaching side of things. And then I started to think that teaching and learning are two separate verbs, conducted by two separate sets of actors, and that I needed to realize that and embrace the learning side. I think that breaking those two verbs up has really helped me to realize that student learning is a separate activity from teaching and that if I approach everything from the student perspective: how are they going to demonstrate to me that they’ve learned what I want them to learn? It’s a shift in mindset that just opened up my world and I think made a much better product.

Teaching and learning are two distinct processes. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught. The learning is based on teaching that delivers specific content and assessments that meet learning objects aligned to bigger course goals. Curriculum mapping and alignment are processes that happen before a course is taught to prepare for the next step–teaching!

Teaching happens when an educator delivers the lesson (in any modality, face 2 face, online synchronous, online asynchronous, etc.) holds interactive discussions, or probes the class for comprehension. Teaching styles are unique to each instructor; we’ve all had the goofy professor with fantastic examples or the stern teacher with engaging activities.

How does a learner know if the class is going to help them meet their goals? In CoursePlan, we call them LOs, or Learning Objectives. If a course has its learning objectives mapped to course goals, the assessments and activities are aligned to those same objectives, then any faculty member can take that course and teach it their way with the confidence that it is structured around hallmarks of quality teaching and learning.

“It allows me to develop a very clear design structure that I can then implement my course on. It doesn’t do my course for me. It gives me room to breathe,” Grant Kirby, Program Director, Oregon Institute of Technology

Use CoursePlan for: Individuals

  • Assessment Alignment: See assessment alignment at-a-glance and quickly identify course bloat when evaluating course design. View course objectives by modality and by level of engagement, such as interaction with expert – two critical measurements for online accreditation requirements.
  • Outcomes Mapping: See course outcomes alignment and gaps quickly to better address standards and accreditation in discussion and review.
  • Interleaving Concepts: See the true student experience by viewing course learning goals across units or modules. This view addresses not only what they are learning, but when, how and how often, providing critical context for ensuring mastery of concepts.

Use CourseTune for: Teams

All of the above and more across courses, programs and the entire institution. Read more about CourseTune here.

  • Program Development
  • Accreditation Review
  • Institutional Alignment
  • Project Management
  • Reporting

Curious to learn more about teaching and learning in action using Coursetune Inc. products? Watch Michele Pistone and her student Erinn Smith-Delss present at Coursetune Camp on July 31st.

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