Tag! Improve Course ID & Create Custom Filtered Reports with Course Tags
By coursetune Team
October 15, 2021
CourseTune New Feature

On social media, hashtags # are a way to find the content you are interested in or to filter certain views. Similarly, in Coursetune, tags allow you to give the course a custom label that can be used for easy finding and filtering. Tagging can be used to identify which courses are #core versus #electives, for marking #AP courses or #honors, or you can use them for documenting progress like #inprogress or #done. Because you define the tags, you can get creative with them! Make sure to talk with your team about your tags, so that consistency is maintained. The tags are used to filter your level 3 view so that you see just what has the tag you select, like only #online courses or only #year1. The tags are also available as a filter option on level 3 reports. You can select a tag, like #spring, and run a report with only that tag.

Hashtag joke: 

I once made a small hashtag out of glass…

It weighed a pound and was a little sharp.

Focusing and Filtering at Level 3

In Coursetune, Level 3 is a collection of courses that is typically used for a program or department. Some collections can be upwards of 200 courses, which can make navigating and identifying a challenge. Using tags will reduce the “noise” when trying to locate a specific type of course. Tagging ideas could range from identifying when something is taught to tracking the completeness in a design review. We’ve included some examples from the community to inspire you.

This animated gif shows how tags are being used to filter the Level 3 view. #Spring and #fall are entered in the filter at the top right so that the courses with the specified tags display below.

Use specific tags to filter

Tag Your Course for Custom Filtered Reports

The tagging feature extends into reports so that a single tag becomes a filter for Level 3 reporting. For example, if you have a university program folder with courses tagged #online, #hybrid, and #f2f, but you want to run an alignment report only on the online courses, you can now do that! This image shows how tags can be used at Level 3 reports to filter your report to a specific tag.

Use a specific tag

Create Your Tag Glossary

Is it #pre-req or #prereq? It’s important to be exact with the tags to get the most out of them for your reporting needs. We suggest discussing and creating a personalized Tag Glossary with your team to ensure everyone is tagging with the same tags. Best Practice: Meet with your team and discuss the tags you will use, and why. Do you need to report on something specific? Do you only want a subset of courses in a report?

This image shows how the tag will auto-fill with tags that are similar to alert you if there might be redundancies.

Tagging Ideas

Ready to tagging? Here are some tagging ideas from our community:

  • Pre-req, co-req
  • Core, elective
  • In-design or in-progress, approved
  • Certificate, badge, seminar
  • Year 1, year 2, 3,4
  • K-12- honors, advanced, AP, remedial, multiple teachers, electives, pre-college, developmental
  • Spring, fall
  • UDL, PBL

To read more about tags and how they are used with variations and shared courses, go here.

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