Successful Transformation Stories Video Series
By Kristin Powers
September 23, 2020
Coursetune Successful Transformation Stories Video Series

The process of educating students has had unprecedented changes this year. Whether you are a parent, an instructor, or an administrator, you have felt the impact of the pandemic. Not all change is negative, even if it is uncomfortable. We embrace a growth mindset in our daily lives and our work. We believe strongly in continuous and iterative improvement. 

With so much change, we wanted to capture and highlight the positive outcomes, success stories, and opportunities that have emerged this year. We interviewed Coursetune clients about the types of transformations they’ve been going through and how having a solid foundation or their curriculum helped them see the silver linings of 2020. 

Transformation Video 1- What were you looking for before you found CourseTune?

Transformation Video 2- How has Coursetune changed your work?

Transformation Video 3- The Pivot 2020

See all our “Best practices for Remote Teaching” video series on our Vimeo channel here.

Coursetune Can Help

CourseTune can help you successfully transform your curriculum in this unprecedented year. It has the toolset to help you align your curriculum from outcome to teaching activities and assessments. 

CourseTune delivers a single visual resource that you can manage and update anytime from anywhere. Using CourseTune, you can clearly communicate your curriculum plan to students, department heads, program managers and deans.

Learn more about CourseTune for teams and enterprise.

Learn more about CoursePlan for individuals.

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