Stop! Collaborate and Improve (with 5 New Reports)
By Kristin Powers
September 14, 2021
CourseTune New Feature

In our latest release, we’ve put significant emphasis on collaboration. To help you get your team in harmony, we’ve added five new reports. These additions will help you collaborate, manage, and improve your curriculum!

Get the “LO-down” on the Course LO report

The Course LO report

First up is the Course LO report. You can use this report to assess the complexity of your course learning objectives. You can also use it to locate LOs you haven’t assigned to a learning scale. Finally, it will help you review the progressive scaffolding of the LOs in your course. Whether you’re an educator, instructional designer, or SME, you’ll find this information valuable early in course design and as an audit for quality learning scaffolding.

Make beautiful curriculum music with the Course Tuning report

The Tuning Report

When your team works together in Coursetune, you all can collaborate to build and improve your curriculum. Tuning is the process of improving the design and alignment of your courses in Coursetune. The Tune tool and the Task list are what make tuning happen. You can use the new Course Tuning Report to support your teams in managing your course design and development conversations. Use this report to track progress, document who’s been involved, and see the status of your essential course discussions for continuous improvement. You can also use this report to track suggestions, comments, and the status of items your team is discussing. This report lists all open recommendations and tells you who to follow up with.

Tell everyone what’s happening with the new Syllabus Report for Variations

The Syllabus Report

Have you turned on and built variations of your courses? If so, you’ve experienced the power of creating multiple courses (for other modalities, sessions, etc.) out of a base course. You’ve also seen how variations build consistent course outcomes across all the variations. If you are teaching one of these variation courses, say an online course, you’ll likely want to use the built-in syllabus report. A syllabus report will help you communicate what instructors will teach in each bundle and how they’ll assess students. This is the report you are looking for (no Jedi mind tricks involved, we promise). The Syllabus Report for Variations organizes what you’re teaching and assessing by bundles in a course variation. Use this report to communicate learning objective expectations and when students can expect they’ll get an assessment. You’ll love using this report as syllabus documentation.

Understand your courses with the Level-3 Learning Design report

The Program Learning Design Report

Looking for a report to assess the learning design and architecture for a collection of courses at Level-3? The Level-3 Learning Design Report has you covered. This report includes details about the balance and pace of courses, the frequency of different activity types, and the distribution of those activities across the courses. Your curriculum design teams can use this report to target learning scale progress and averages across the courses in Level-3. 

Five new reports to help you tune, collaborate, and improve

We’re super excited to share five new ways you can help your team unlock the power of an aligned curriculum. If you want to learn more about all the reports available in Coursetune, check out the help article here.

Not part of the Coursetune community yet? We’d love to have you! Set up some time to talk or chat with us in the box to the left. Let’s start a conversation about these and other nifty features that can help you and your team turn your curriculum into something beautiful.

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