Rapid Prototyping Curriculum to Meet Today’s Educational Demands
By coursetune Team
May 10, 2018

One of our favorite things to do is cozy up in front of a video stream or microphone and talk with our customers before an audience. Webinars, podcasts, they’re all really enjoyable because we get to hear first-hand the difference CourseTune is making for their faculty, for their students, for their administration.

“The number one task that we have is changing people’s minds about things, and doing it with a visual tool is about the easiest way to change someone’s mind,” said Will Kerr, Assistant Director of Course and Program Design, GSU.

This Southern Region Education Board (SREB) webinar was particularly fascinating as Georgia State University‘s Will Kerr shared with us how they are using CourseTune for a variety of innovative curriculum mapping and building projects. The two main takeaways—

  1. CourseTune makes it possible to “see” learner-centered design
  2. CourseTune makes it possible to prototype and deploy flexible degree programs faster

Watch the full SREB Webinar here. 

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