Introducing Versioning: A New Feature to Help Preserve Course History
By Kristin Powers
February 16, 2021
CourseTune New Feature

You’re about to revise your course for the next academic year, but you want to preserve what you’ve done. You want to create an artifact, but you want to be able to find it again without hiring Indiana Jones. That’s where Versioning comes in. 

Versioning new in CoursTune v2.0With Versioning in CourseTune 2.0, you can create a point-in-time version of your course. In fact, you can create multiple versions of the course over time to create a longitudinal record of how your course has evolved over time. These versions might come in handy if you make changes to a curriculum that don’t work out the way you’ve planned and you want to look back at previous versions. Keep in mind that your versions themselves are not editable. The best way to think of Versioning is like an archive or a bookshelf. You can use versions to save good ideas or copies of your courses. If you’d like to go back and use a version, you can export it and import the course back into CourseTune. 

To find out more about Versioning and see it in action, read the help article

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