Introducing Report Wizard: It Doesn’t Take Magic to Find Your Data
By Kristin Powers
May 19, 2021
CourseTune New Feature

We’ve refreshed the report interface in the latest release. Our goal? Make it easier to unlock the insights in your data or just produce a syllabus for a course. There are two new features we’re unveiling in this release – a Report Wizard and Report Browser. Let’s take a quick look at both.

Select Help Me Choose to reveal the report you need.

If you’re a new CourseTune user, you might like a helping hand to get you to the report you need. We’ve designed a wizard to do just that; launch it by selecting Help me Choose. The Report Wizard asks questions about your reporting goals; for example, are you doing an assessment analysis or an alignment analysis. Your answers will guide you to the report you need. Look at the screenshot below to get a glimpse of how it works.CourseTune's new Help Me Choose report feature

Find what you’re looking for with Report Browser.

If you’ve been using CourseTune for a while, you know there are many great reports available. But sometimes, you might not remember the name of that one helpful report you used in the past. We’ve added thumbnail images to the new Report Browser. They’ll show you the type of tables and visualizations you’ll see in each report. They’ll also describe how the reports might be helpful to you.Switch between reports with CourseTune's new Report Browser.

Our goal with both new features is to help you quickly find the information you need. Be sure to check out the help articles to conjure up more details about these exciting new features. 

Ready to pull back the curtain on your data?

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