EdSurge Article: Startup Aims to Help Colleges ‘Tune’ Their Curriculums
By coursetune Team
May 8, 2018

Coursetune Inc. CEO, Maria Andersen recently sat down with EdSurge and shared (among other gems) our vision for using data in continuous improvement–the right way. Yes, there is an important distinction. As Andersen says in the article,


“Everybody’s talking about making data-driven decisions, yet they don’t actually know what students are supposed to be learning in these courses, so they’re looking at click patterns,” she says. In other words, some data-driven projects focus on what items students click on within a course’s Web site without fully accounting for what learning actually took place.


Randall Smith, senior associate dean for the school of pharmacy at the University of Pittsburgh, and CourseTune customer chimed in the article with his own endorsement,


“They’ve created a way of visualizing your curriculum very easily,” he says. “It can show what’s missing—an objective you think is important, but it’s not shown in any course.”


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