CourseTune Takes Data Loading Out of Your Hands
By coursetune Team
November 23, 2020
CourseTune loads your data for curriculum mapping

It’s a depressing feeling we’ve all had. You buy a piece of software or service with excellent features but no easy means of getting your data imported to make it useful. Perhaps somebody handed you a complicated API manual that would involve coding work to get your data in the software’s format. Or worse, maybe you had to enter the data manually. Not having a clear, straightforward path to loading usable data into a system can lead to project delays, frustration, and ultimately lack of adoption. What felt like a kick-off became a false start. If you are ready to improve your curriculum mapping process, Coursetune imports your data to accelerate your alignment journey.

One of the most significant advantages of Coursetune that set us apart from other curriculum mapping methods is our data loading service. We include this comprehensive service in your license. We take the manual work off your hands to get Coursetune’s visual curriculum maps in front of you faster. What’s more, we’ll work with you along the way to be sure your project keeps its momentum and sticks to your curriculum mapping goals. 

We meet with you throughout the implementation to align your strategic goals to the mapping structure. The data import process gives you a new perspective on your curriculum. You’ll see new opportunities and ways to improve the curriculum through the patented Coursetune course graphs. We’ll help you accelerate your journey by taking your documentation and importing it for you. Our process has three steps — Handoff, Review, and Iterate. We’ll take a quick tour of each below.


Gather Your Data Artifacts

The first thing to do is to gather all your relevant curriculum-related information. It doesn’t matter the format. We can work with it. The most common artifacts we receive are syllabi, mapping or alignment documents, program or institution outcome sets, and modular objectives/enablers. There are legends about a course built from photographs of napkin scribbles, but some say it’s just a story. 

You can expect a turnaround time of 24-48 hours for a single course for these types of artifacts. For multiple classes, you can expect 5-10 business days. For a full program, you should allow 10-15 business days.

If your project is large, say an import of 50-1,000 courses (or more), it might make sense for you to export a .csv file from your LMS or other management systems. In these cases, we ask that you reach out to our support team to schedule a planning meeting. 

For a full-scale (i.e., entire institution) import project, you can expect an approximately 30-day turnaround. This timeframe will vary depending on how you’ve stored your current data and in what format you have it. We require a planning meeting to help us work with you to get a more exact estimate. 

Please note, all time frames above are estimates. The amount of time it takes to load your data is subject to the state of your data, how many documents you send us, etc. There are times when even a single course has many documents that might take more than 48 hours, especially if there are activities to build. 

Send It On In

Once you have your artifacts together, send them off to [email protected] If you are sending many data files or large files, you can contact your team’s admin to access the Coursetune Google Drive. Then you can upload them there. If you go that route, be sure to use live chat to send our support team a “head’s up” that the data is on the way and ready to import. We’ll then know to look in your Drive folder. Our chat support is the friendliest on this side of the internet. Darn, tootin’. 

A Data Quick Check

Once we have your files, the Coursetune team will look at your documents. We’ll reach out if we have any questions for clarification or if we need any direction. If you have a complicated or broad project, we might import a sample course for your review and approval before importing everything.


Data Review Call

If you’re importing data with us for the first time, we’ll set up a review call. In this call, we’ll review your current state together. This call is one of our favorites to make. You’ll see your curriculum in new ways and discover why instructional designers love us. We’ll talk through best practices for structuring your content, so you’ll *actually be able to see alignment* and be able to leverage Coursetune’s reports. 

We’ll also look at any areas where you or your Subject Matter Expert (SME) may have to make changes to what we imported during this review. We may conduct Coursetune feature training during this call, or we may cover that in a follow-up session. Whatever works better for you and your team. We meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

 Further Check-Ins

Once your first import has made it to Coursetune, you may want more reviews or check-ins with our support team. We are happy to help and stand ready to aid you as often as you need us during the year. We wouldn’t have the distinguished honor of being the friendliest chat support this side of the internet if we didn’t extend that offer, now would we?


Unlocking your data’s power 

Coursetune is a layered, continuous improvement tool. You’ll soon learn that there is always more that you can do. During our review meeting, we’ll discuss different directions you might want to pursue. We’ll mutually decide these pathways on your curriculum alignment goals. If it makes sense, we can schedule more training built around the features you’ll need to meet your goals. 

Monthly Checkpoints

Finally, we’ll recommend monthly check-in sessions with your program manager or dean and Coursetune Inc. We’ll use these check-ins to ensure we keep moving forward as we prepare for program launch, review, or an accreditation audit. Whatever your curriculum alignment goal is, we can help you meet it. 

 Coursetune’s Promise

Our goal is your success. We know Coursetune’s dynamic visual curriculum maps will help you achieve your program, school, or university’s student outcome and accreditation goals. We know that correct data is what will make that happen. When you choose Coursetune, we invest in you. We’ll work with you every step of the way to load your data, review what’s there, and keep your project moving. We’ve developed Coursetune to help educators work better together in an ever-changing, standards-driven, and increasingly competency-based landscape. We’re here to help.

Have questions? We’re happy to answer.

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