Attend Camp 2021

Calling all Curricunauts! Are you on a path of curriculum discovery and alignment adventure?
Coursetune Camp 2021 is going to space Friday, July 30th at 11am ET!

This year’s “Space Camp” theme will bring together instructional designers, instructors, and administrators to share with each other and encourage best practices that boldly go where instructional design may not have gone before..

We will have presenters sharing all stages of CourseTune implementation, so whether you just launched or are lightyears into the journey, you’ll find something to inspire you.

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Fully virtual event

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Keynote speaker Andreas Schleicher of The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

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Live presentations and interactive panels

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K-12, Higher-ed, and Corporate learning

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Games and prizes

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Sneak-peek at what’s coming for CourseTune


group 1075

Activities and Assessments

How do conversations change around student engagement and outcomes once you’re able to see courses with activities and assessments?

group 1165

Process & Project Management

How are you using CourseTune to establish and sustain change management, collaborate, and improve student outcomes while maintaining flexibility and academic freedom?

group 1066

Institutional Research

Once you’ve implemented with your program teams, how do you start seeing and using CourseTune across the school, as a hub of integrations and data flow?

group 1168

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How are you using CourseTune to illuminate these initiatives and foster discussions for change?

group 1150

Remixing Curriculum

Examples using variations, archives, shared courses. How are these tools transforming how you use and reuse curriculum plans?

You know we love to get campy, so expect costumed antics and otherworldly fun. Interested in presenting? Contact