Coursetune Camp 2022

Coursetune Camp returns Friday, June 17th, 2022, 11am – 5pm ET for our 5th annual virtual community event!

Coursetune Camp is a day-long event of presentations from our K-12, Corporate Learning, and Higher-Education partners sharing how Coursetune has benefited them. This event is free and open to the public.

Have a topic that you might want to share in June? Email [email protected] with your idea to get the conversation started. 

Check out the video library for recordings of previous camp sessions. 

Coursetune Camp 2022 KEYNOTE

June 17th

Keynote: Approaching Intentionality: Factors that Influence Student Success

Our entire educational experience prepares us to teach, or does it? From our first day of college, we experience anticipatory socialization before we enter our profession. We learn about the roles of teachers, instructors, and faculty; we learn about schools and colleges. We may even take courses on education, teaching and learning, or pedagogy. As newcomers to our role, we rely on predispositions, past experiences, and the interpretation of others to inform our instructional practices. Eventually, we go through a metamorphosis where we have learned the attitudes and behaviors of old. Yet, too often, these instincts that we have developed may be misinformed. Some of us develop this angst about our role. Is this working? How do I know? How can I improve it? Moreover, many of us fear change and the novelty of new practices and technologies in our classrooms.”