Coursetune Camp 2021

You just missed the “Journey of the Curricunauts.” Check out the video library for recordings of this year and all previous camps. Coursetune Camp 2022 will be back in Summer 2022. Where will we go next year?

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    What happened at camp this year? This year’s “Space Camp” theme brought together instructional designers, instructors, and administrators to share with each other and encourage best practices that boldly go where instructional design may not have gone before. 

    Coursetune Camp 2021 KEYNOTE

    August 2

    Facing New Frontiers: Radical Empathy and Decolonizing the Curriculum

    Terri Givens, author of Radical Empathy – Finding a Path to Bridging Racial Divides and the CEO and Founder of Brighter Higher Ed, is a visionary leader in higher education. One of her main goals is to improve access and opportunities for students through the effective use of educational technology. She’ll be discussing the crucial connection between learning objectives in a curriculum and the role of empathy as we collectively face new frontiers in education.

    Coursetune Camp 2021 “Journey of the Curricunauts” Sessions and Panels included:

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    WebStudy Foundation took participants on a facilitated interactive engagement to accelerate change through collaboration and community.

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    Panel discussions on workforce skills and the future of nursing and instructional design and empathy.

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    Faculty from ECPI, Villanova University, and University of Pittsburgh shared their transformational stories.

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    K-12 schools Oaks Christian School and the Galloway School presented how curriculum mapping is changing conversations at their schools.

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    Representatives from corporate training and workforces skills shared how they use Coursetune to change perspectives; including sessions from Utah Department of Public Safety, Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, and the US Air Force/Air U

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    We heard about collaboration and teamwork from Fort Hays State University and Georgetown University.