Introducing Course Pulse: A New Feature to Help You Track Continuous Improvement
By Kristin Powers
January 19, 2021
CourseTune New Feature

You’ve worked on a shared team document for hours. You’ve got everything the way you want it. It’s perfect. You get up to grab a celebratory cup of joe, and when you get back, it’s changed! Your work is gone, and you can’t find it anywhere. 

Course Pulse a new feature in CourseTune v2.0

With Course Pulse, you can track changes to course design.

In CourseTune v2.0, we’ve introduced Course Pulse to avoid those nightmares.

With Course Pulse, you’ll see: 

  • When was the last time someone updated your learning objectives? 
  • Who made the last edit to activities on this course?
  • How many new activities have your team added in the previous month?

When departments work on curriculum mapping, they have to organize who is doing what to maximize their time. Being able to coordinate each person — from the SME to the assessment coordinator — and know what each person is working on is key to moving quickly and efficiently. 

Close Up of Course Pulse

You can filter changes with Course Pulse.

CourseTune gives the curriculum administrator the ability to create tasks, discuss, and approve changes. The new Course Pulse feature saves each past edit on a course and documents who performed those edits. Need to narrow things down? You can easily filter by the type of change (activities, mappings, etc.), the user who made the changes, or the date the changes were made.  


To find out more about how to use Course Pulse, read the help article

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