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    Planning a curriculum can become a high-stakes project if you can’t keep track of all the relevant information. And there are so many pieces of information to organize: learning outcomes, courses, industry standards, regional and national accreditations, assessment alignment, and more....Read More
    Right now, postsecondary accreditation is in a state of flux. If you're wondering when isn't accreditation evolving, you're right. As governing bodies and accreditors continue to negotiate standards, colleges and universities are scrambling to meet constantly shifting requirements.  There’s a lot at stake.  At the...Read More
    How Instructional Design Benefits Your Learning Programs Developing a learning program systematically is a large part of the instructional design process. The core idea behind instructional design is to develop strategies to engage students so that they understand and are able to use the content...Read More
    Improving Student Outcomes with Instructional Design Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio asked just that in a podcast with Amy Schneider and Jacque Harris, two IDs at Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC). “The focus is very much on developing relationships and meeting the needs of...Read More
    Podcast "Map Your Curriculum" with NYU Chris Zakrzewski What would a course look and feel like if its outcomes were continually refined and revised to meet the ever-changing needs of its students? Podcast host Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio discusses curriculum mapping with Chris...Read More
    Education Talk Radio Podcast with Maria Andersen and Diane Weaver As educators, we know that mapping our curriculum, aligning our plans with course standards, collaborating with others, planning pretests and posttests, and analyzing data makes us better teachers. We also know that it helps our...Read More
    Calling all curriculum experts with a passion for publishing! We are collaborating with iDesign to create an Open Resource book entitled, "CONNECTING THE DOTS: IMPROVING STUDENT OUTCOMES WITH GREAT INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN." This book is a compilation of industry experts authoring chapters that explore one or...Read More
    Here’s a hypothetical situation: you recently came into some money and have decided to build a house. Coincidentally, your institution has also tasked you with creating a new program that is well-aligned with new professional standards. Are these two projects that different?...Read More
    If you have ever wondered why CourseTune focuses on words describing learning in the visual graphs instead of a numbering system, here is the answer. A couple years back, Coursetune Inc. cofounder and CEO, Dr. Maria Andersen crafted the blog post, "To Focus on Learning,...Read More
    Recently Coursetune Inc. CEO, Dr. Maria Andersen was a guest on Rod's Pulse Podcast. In this interview, she recounts why CourseTune was created and some of our favorite customer "aha" moments. For instance, the first time instructional designers see CourseTune, we often hear, “I didn’t...Read More