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Stay in the loop with the freshest ideas in instructional design: bite sized course and curriculum tips

    With CourseTune's new Versioning feature, you can create a history of your course. A great way to preserve a course artifact when revising for the next school year....Read More
    With CourseTune's new Course Lock feature, you can manage when people can access specific course mappings. You can use it to limit what your team can change. It's especially handy when you are preparing for an audit....Read More
    Can two people embark on a college-wide curriculum design project and make a meaningful difference? Ashley Ehmig, Director of Library Services and Instruction, and Amanda Lattin, Professor and Aromatherapy and Spa Management Program Chair, at the American College of Healthcare Sciences had the vision to...Read More
    CourseTune's new Course Pulse feature helps you track continuous improvement in your curriculum design. Course Pulse saves each past edit on a course and documents who performed those edits....Read More
    The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy's Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics is developing a new M.S. in Pharmacoanalytics program. They're using CourseTune for their curriculum transformation journey. During the course "unboxing," CourseTune displayed their curriculum in visual maps with layers and presented diverse ways...Read More
    The University of Missouri System faced the challenge of scaling initiatives across their four campuses. They sought a common curriculum design platform to use across their system to shift toward a learner-centric culture. Their goal was to build a collaborative community around curriculum design. That's...Read More
    This month, political scientist and author Terri Givens guest posts on the Courstune blog. Terri shares what she sees as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing higher education as we near the 1-year mark in the era of COVID-19....Read More
    How can you unlock CourseTune's beautiful curriculum maps more quickly? While some apps leave data loading to you, CourseTune loads your curriculum mapping data so you can get to work faster!...Read More
    The University of Tennessee Martin deployed CourseTune in 2018. CourseTune's thoughtfully designed blueprints and rich visuals replaced manual tools UT Martin were using. CourseTune inspired conversations around student assessment, curriculum structure, and curriculum overlaps, all while cultivating a culture of focusing on student outcomes within...Read More
    We took a look back at our Remote Teaching webinar held in the spring. We're also looking forward to a new webinar on Oct. 23 @12 PM ET. Learn how to sign-up!...Read More