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Stay in the loop with the freshest ideas in instructional design: bite sized course and curriculum tips

    There's a lot of trust-building that goes into creating quality solutions for educators. There are layers of data that go into planning, designing, approving, reviewing, evaluating and improving learning—especially at scale—that require attention to the nuances around the types of data, sharing and privacy. Important...Read More
    It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words. Just as a picture speaks volumes, a curriculum map reveals a lot about curriculum, namely, where gaps and redundancies exist ¹, alignment between skills taught in a course and employability skills ², and when...Read More
    ESIL: 1. Existence, 2. Supported, 3. Independent, 4. Lifetime Technology has brought the world of information (and solutions to our problems) to our fingertips. Trips to a library or a bookstore, even logging onto a computer, have all been replaced by a shout out to...Read More
    How Curriculum Mapping Software Can Make Higher Education Collaborative Complex questions and diverse viewpoints come up when you bring faculty together to work on a curriculum. Even when the team genuinely wants to contribute to the process and you’ve made sure that they have the...Read More
    Has higher education devolved into a mere transaction, in which students exchange money, complete assignments, and “jump through instructor hoops” for credits and degrees? Do the discipline silos in higher education disadvantage learners who are entering an increasingly interdisciplinary workforce? For Dr. Maria Andersen (a.k.a....Read More
    Every industry has their own jargon. Good instructional design will incorporate this unique vocabulary throughout the curriculum as appropriate. This language of the field for a content area provides learners with the declarative knowledge required for an informed and intelligent conversation. ...Read More
    5 Ways to Use Instructional Design For E-Learning. Nowadays, anyone can make an online course and upload it as e-learning, much in the same way that anyone can make a video and put it on YouTube or take a photo and post it on Instagram. But you will...Read More
    Planning a curriculum can become a high-stakes project if you can’t keep track of all the relevant information. And there are so many pieces of information to organize: learning outcomes, courses, industry standards, regional and national accreditations, assessment alignment, and more....Read More
    Right now, postsecondary accreditation is in a state of flux. If you're wondering when isn't accreditation evolving, you're right. As governing bodies and accreditors continue to negotiate standards, colleges and universities are scrambling to meet constantly shifting requirements.  There’s a lot at stake.  At the...Read More
    How Instructional Design Benefits Your Learning Programs Developing a learning program systematically is a large part of the instructional design process. The core idea behind instructional design is to develop strategies to engage students so that they understand and are able to use the content...Read More
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