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    When you invite clients to give you open feedback in a video interview, you never know what you are going to get, but you always know you'll learn from it (growth mindset in action!). Two minutes into one of the interviews, David Dannenberg quips (unprompted),...Read More
    Will this coming school year be in-person, hybrid, online, hyflex, remote, or a mix of some or all of these? Preparation mixed with uncertainty is a challenge without the right tools and guidance. Bonni Stachowiak of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast talked to Coursetune...Read More
    Crossing the Bridge to Quality with the QM Course Design Guide & Course Plan July 16 at 2:00PM ET | 1:00PM CT | 12:00PM MT | 11:00AM PT Register now for the free webinar Ready to adventure into the world of course design? You’ll need...Read More
    Campus Technology's recent article "Planning Software Helps Instructors Visualize Courses" discusses how CoursePlan, the new visual alignment tool for individual users, is being used to help instructors see their courses in new ways. "Every educator has had their course plans upended. CoursePlan is here to...Read More
    There's a lot of trust-building that goes into creating quality solutions for educators. There are layers of data that go into planning, designing, approving, reviewing, evaluating and improving learning—especially at scale—that require attention to the nuances around the types of data, sharing and privacy. Important...Read More
    It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words. Just as a picture speaks volumes, a curriculum map reveals a lot about curriculum, namely, where gaps and redundancies exist ¹, alignment between skills taught in a course and employability skills ², and when...Read More
    Teaching and Learning Webinar Series for Educators Nearly all of the schools we serve are enforcing remote learning for the remainder of the semester. As educators, we feel for you in this unprecedented time. To help out, we're digging into our toolboxes and sharing on...Read More
    Webinar, "Best Practices for Remote Teaching with Dr. Maria Andersen" Nearly all of our schools are delaying start after spring break or enforcing remote learning post-spring break, prompting the following special webinar on strategies for remote teaching. Best Practices for Remote Teaching with Dr. Maria...Read More
    ESIL: 1. Existence, 2. Supported, 3. Independent, 4. Lifetime Technology has brought the world of information (and solutions to our problems) to our fingertips. Trips to a library or a bookstore, even logging onto a computer, have all been replaced by a shout out to...Read More
    How Curriculum Mapping Software Can Make Higher Education Collaborative Complex questions and diverse viewpoints come up when you bring faculty together to work on a curriculum. Even when the team genuinely wants to contribute to the process and you’ve made sure that they have the...Read More
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