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    Coursetune’s unique patented dynamic visual modeling can bring a new level of clarity and rigor to your curriculum meeting....Read More
    How can adopting a culinary practice improve your curriculum design? Read on to find out!...Read More
    Embarking on a curriculum alignment journey can feel like a daunting task. Figuring out if your curriculum mapping matches your student learning objectives can seem impossible if you only have a 2-dimensional spreadsheet view of your institution's programs....Read More
    Continuous improvement for your curriculum doesn’t take a fall break. If your curriculum has been gathering cobwebs, it’s time to go on the hunt for mysterious gaps, wretched redundancies, and dark data that might be haunting your courses....Read More
    You can use HEERF to prepare for the future by training faculty to design a better curriculum, to design for new formats, and to use software to organize and map curriculum to student outcomes.  Coursetune is a one-stop shop for all your training, planning, mapping,...Read More
    We’ve built Coursetune to intuitively guide and nudge course designers towards quality and clarity in the organization of their courses. Coursetune’s visual gaps, assessments design, and Learning Design report let you know how to rebalance your course for better course design....Read More
    Tag! You're it! Coursetune tags allow you to give the course a custom label that can be used for easy finding and filtering....Read More
    What do you do when you want to bring more perspectives into your curriculum design approach? In this customer story, Western University shares their successful approach using Coursetune....Read More
    With Coursetune's new Outcome Scales feature, you'll be able to advance your instructional design by tracking progress toward curriculum goals or adding labeling scales....Read More
    In our latest release, we've put significant emphasis on collaboration. To help you get your team in harmony, we've added five new reports....Read More