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    The Sinclair Nursing School at the University of Missouri faces continuous accreditation deadlines and needed a better way to manage their curriculum design to streamline the process. Coursetune helped them save time and have some fun with curriculum mapping....Read More
    Frontier Nursing University needed a tool to help them rescue their curriculum design from spreadsheets, build collaboration across teams, and streamline accreditation reporting. They turned to Coursetune for help....Read More
    You'll unleash the power of your institution's programs when you get your curriculum design out of spreadsheets and binders and into visual curriculum mapping software....Read More
    Fort Hays State University has used Coursetune to build multiple programs throughout the University. Recently Linda A and Seung Gutsch, Instructional designers from TILT at FHSU, wrote about how their Social Work department created two new online programs that increased enrollment....Read More
    Welcome to 2022! Our new year’s resolutions are the same every year: bring more joy to your workday, reduce the challenges in designing aligned curricula, and make instructional design visible....Read More
    Course archetypes are five different approaches to course architecture. They’re based on the goals of the course. You can use course archetypes to diversify your curriculum design....Read More
    Coursetune’s unique patented dynamic visual modeling can bring a new level of clarity and rigor to your curriculum meeting....Read More
    How can adopting a culinary practice improve your curriculum design? Read on to find out!...Read More
    Embarking on a curriculum alignment journey can feel like a daunting task. Figuring out if your curriculum mapping matches your student learning objectives can seem impossible if you only have a 2-dimensional spreadsheet view of your institution's programs....Read More
    Continuous improvement for your curriculum doesn’t take a fall break. If your curriculum has been gathering cobwebs, it’s time to go on the hunt for mysterious gaps, wretched redundancies, and dark data that might be haunting your courses....Read More