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Stay in the loop with the freshest ideas in instructional design: bite sized course and curriculum tips

    With Coursetune's new Outcome Scales feature, you'll be able to advance your instructional design by tracking progress toward curriculum goals or adding labeling scales....Read More
    In our latest release, we've put significant emphasis on collaboration. To help you get your team in harmony, we've added five new reports....Read More
    Today we announced that Academic Partnerships has acquired Coursetune. We couldn't be more thrilled! This acquisition will help us achieve our goals on a broader scale....Read More
    As we move into planning for the next school year, K-12 districts and schools are looking for tools to map out their curriculum. We recently sat down with David Long at the Galloway School to discuss why his school switched to Coursetune to help meet...Read More
    It's challenging to develop lessons to address multiple standards, especially if there's no shared understanding across your school of who teaches what and when. Collaborative Curriculum Mapping can help break down the barriers between assessments and objectives. CourseTune has the tools to help you remove...Read More
    We’ve refreshed the report interface in our latest release. Our goal? Easily unlock the insights in your data....Read More
    Is your program trying to meet accreditation standards? CTU used CourseTune to align their curriculum to accreditation & also improved student outcomes....Read More
    Got courses with multiple sections? Want to be sure all sections meet course objectives even with different formats & instructors? Enter CourseTune Variations....Read More
    Do your diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives find their way into your curriculum? Can you find your DEI courses, learning objectives, & assignments in your curriculum map?...Read More
    Have you ever wondered what’s really in your curriculum? Have you dug in deep to figure out what your students are learning and how it aligns with your program’s outcomes? Have you been looking for ways to engage faculty in the curriculum design process? Are...Read More