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A completely new way to visualize the underpinnings and framework of curriculum design.

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A completely new way to visualize the underpinnings and framework of curriculum design.

There’s a sea of qualitative data washing in from faculty and student surveys, interviews, observations, and other feedback. Marshaling all these data in the service of improving courseware – and ultimately improving student learning – is an unruly, chaotic process. Coursetune will bring order to the madness and greatly increase the efficiency of continuous improvement efforts.

Dr. David Wiley

Chief Academic Officer, Lumen Learning

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“I want to climb into this world and never leave.”

“If we had had this when we built our last curriculum plan, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in right now.”

I have to manage so many systems and I have to just put it all together in my own head. Coursetune makes it so easy, it makes it so intuitive. It’s everything that I care about as a learning designer.

Erin Czerwinski

Curriculum Program Manager of General Education

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